About FileCorn API

Organizations and developers are using a variety of approaches to integrate FileCorn into their systems and workflows. We love the variety, and have built our API to support evolving community needs.

We are at a stage in development of this new Public API where we are seeking developers interested in becoming Beta users. If you would like to get an early peek at this API in exchange for providing us with feedback, please fill out the Beta Tester request form to get started. While we provide documentation a user forum, and links to helpful tools to aid in your integration, we will not provide individualized support for this free feature. Beta testers will help us ensure that the feature is easy to use and the documentation is complete.

What is included?

This new Public API allows any application to access FileCorn platform and perform actions. The Public API functionality can be used at no cost, with the goal of increasing responsible use and integration of FileCorn API , but may not have the governance structure to sign a legal agreement.

Some benefits

  • Easier for your users to access files in FIleCorn
  • Straightforward integration into your system
  • Beta users will be able to be among the first to incorporate this new feature!

How does the Beta work?

Developers who are interested in becoming Beta users should fill out the Beta Tester request form to be emailed instructions on how to get started. We will ask you information that will allow us to get in touch with you for your feedback on the functionality. The instructions will include information on how to enable the developer tools on your FileCorn account and generate credentials for using the new Public API feature. Beta testers are encouraged to send feedback as they start using the functionality, and will be sent one to two short surveys during the beta period with questions to help us improve the feature. While any feedback is welcome, we are most interested in feedback about usability and documentation, particularly where there were challenges in understanding what to do.

I am not interested in the Beta. When can I get my hands on the new API?

Feedback from our Beta users will help us to improve the Public API. We anticipate launching a general release later this Fall. Those using the Beta version will be able to use it immediately, and will not have to wait until the general release to include it in their integrations. Follow us on twitter @FileCorn or subscribe to our newsletter to receive notices about new features and releases.